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7 Tips To Help You Communicate Vision

At Building Champions we help leaders develop and communicate a vision for where they want to take their business, team, or company in the future. Often we will coach clients who have written a vision and articulated it to their team at a special meeting, but are still struggling to get buy-in and desired results. Experience has taught me that creating a vision is a fun, exciting, and motivating process for a leader to engage in over the course of a few days. Whereas, communicating a vision requires a leader to be purposeful, intentional, and consistent every day as long as they hold the title of leader. In short, it is hard work and many leaders fail to communicate vision effectively.

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This week my team and I gathered to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments of 2010. We do this once a year in a setting where we can fellowship, share a meal, and have a chance to connect in ways that our busy schedules sometimes prevent us from doing. I love this annual meeting because it provides me the opportunity to recognize our team collectively, certain individuals for their contribution, and to share our team vision.

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