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Is Now The Right Time To Build My Team?

Making the jump from individual producer to Team Leader can be both exhilarating and unnerving. Exhilarating because you see the potential to go to the next level in your business. You know the best days are yet to come and with a team you will have greater influence while reaching your goals. Scary though, because now people will rely on you for a paycheck and you will be entrusting parts of running your business to other people. It may mean a few sleepless nights where you are wrestling with questions like,"What happens if I fail?"

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Becoming a Coaching Leader Step 4 - Share Your Coaching Vision

The fourth step in becoming a coaching leader is to share your coaching vision. This can be a scary step to take because you are sharing a part of your personal vision with others and you don’t know how they will respond. Will they want to be coached? Will they trust me to coach them? Don’t let these fears deter you from taking this critical step. Sharing your vision will have a significant impact on the overall success of you creating a coaching culture within your organization.

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