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Don't Let Limited Thinking Hold You Back

I keep running into the same adversary in my coaching sessions; it is extremely powerful and its name is "Limited Thinking" Why do we give this adversary it’s due? Maybe it is because as children whenever we started to do something that was potentially harmful a parent would yell "No!" or "Stop!". Or could it be because we've all had experiences where we tried something new or different and failed. And many of us never had someone to help us get back up while pushing us forward with the encouragement to keep on trying.

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Recruiting with Vision

Too often recruiting presentations are packed full of benefits and features potential talent will receive if they join a company. When this message becomes the centerpiece of a recruiting strategy, new talent may choose your company for the wrong reasons, and you risk hiring someone that is not a cultural fit. This of course results in higher turnover and costs associated with bad hiring. My experience as a recruiter and leader has taught me that your company’s vision must be the centerpiece of your recruiting strategy.

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In these uncertain times I believe one of the most important questions we all need to be asking ourselves is, “What is my opportunity strategy?” My experience has shown that people are seeking, creating, or waiting for opportunity to come their way. The most successful professionals and companies articulate their opportunity strategy and then create objectives, goals, and themes that guide their decision making.

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