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Give Sellers What They Want and Need

The 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers has been released by the National Association of Realtors. It provides key insight into what buyers and sellers are looking for from sales professionals. As I read through the report this week, I focused in on the seller survey results for what services they want most and what they are looking for in an agent during this challenging real estate market. After reviewing the report, I realized that this data is only worthwhile if we actually do something with it. In the past I’ve written about the essential elements of a great buyer presentation. So today, I’m encouraging my team to review their seller listing presentation to make sure it addresses the following:

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9 Step Guide For Stubborn Listings

This past week my team and I discussed what to do with listings that just will not sell. There are a number of reasons why listings struggle to sell including price, condition, location, and current buyer needs and wants. We focused our time together talking about a nine step guide to reaching resolution with these types of listings and our clients. This guide is not exhaustive and I encourage your feedback and critique. If you have a listing that is “stale” and not selling, you may want to consider the following process.

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