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Is Your Purpose Revealed In Your Plans?

Your purpose is your primary compass, helping you to always stay focused on your reason for existence as a company. Acting as a compass, your purpose will guide you through the ups and downs of different business cycles, challenges, and keep you headed toward your long-term strategic goals. The people you love, serve, and lead are counting on you to infuse your plans and goals with purpose.

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Finish The Year Strong

The final 90 days of the year are upon us. All the plans you made, goals you set, and promises you made will be examined, scrutinized, and assessed in the weeks ahead. Before you put yourself under the microscope and start counting the wins and losses, you need to remember there are still 90 days of life and leadership left in the year.

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5 Steps to Building a High Performing Team

Many leaders struggle with knowing when to form a team and how to do it the right way. In my last post I discussed the importance of timing and assessing your current reality before starting the process of building your team. Today, I want to share with you the five steps to take BEFORE you hire or promote anyone onto your team. Whether you are building a personal production team or a leadership team for your business, follow these five steps and lay the foundation for a high performing team.

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