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How To Break Bad Habits (Part 2)

In my previous post, How To Break Bad Habits (Part 1), I shared that within each of us is the desire to behave in a way that has a positive influence on those we love and serve. Unfortunately, often our actions do not match our desires. We find ourselves doing things we do not want to do and the result is frustration, strained relationships, and failure to achieve our potential as leaders in the home and at work.

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7 Ways To Improve Your Leadership In The Home

I want to be a better leader in the home. This statement is one of the most common I hear from leaders I coach. It does not matter whether they are male or female, or a mother or father. The desire to be purposeful and intentional in all areas of our life and business is a part of our human nature. Unfortunately, very few people have the courage to admit when they are struggling to lead outside of work. Smaller is the group of people that admit it, seek help, and actually take action to improve their personal leadership.

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