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Going Further Faster with Michael Hyatt

In the past, I've written about the need to have a personal development plan as a part of your strategy for becoming a better leader. Last week, at the Building Champions Experience, I had the opportunity to attend a breakfast with author and speaker, Michael Hyatt. In his presentation, Michael made the case for how a personal development plan will help you go further faster in your career and personal life. Here are my takeaways from Michael's presentation:

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Building Champions Experience 2011 Opening Session

Tonight the Building Champions Experience (BCE) kicked off with a powerful and emotional presentation from Building Champions' CEO, Daniel Harkavy. The theme of BCE 2011 is Contribution and tonight Daniel shared five lessons he has recently learned about "giving back" regardless of whether your current reality is positive or negative. In order for us to be contributing and making a difference, Daniel encouraged us to do the following:

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BCE 2010 Top Takeaways - Day 4

The final day of the Building Champions Experience was all about Priority Management, Reflection, and Accountability. The room had many emotions flowing through it when I arrived. People were excited for another great session, sad to be leaving friends, but also happy to be headed home to loved ones and routine. We had spent the better part of the past three days focused on identifying our personal priorities (Life Plan) and our business priorities (Vision Plan). It was time to focus on how to manage all of these priorities with everything else going on around us. Here are my takeaways from the final day of the Building Champions Experience 2010.

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