Is Your Purpose Revealed In Your Plans?

As you start the new year with new plans, new goals, and new disciplines, is your purpose revealed in your plans? When we fail to tie our purpose to our plans, it is risky business. Risky because:

  • Your purpose is the driving force behind everything you do. Your desire to see your plans through to completion will fade if there is no connection to your purpose.
  • Your purpose is what draws your team into alignment and causes them to strive for excellence. A lack of purpose in your planning will will cause your team to question their work and commitment to you.
  • Your purpose is one of the filters through which you make key strategic decisions about opportunities and challenges that you face throughout the year. Plans that are not tied to purpose may cause you to make poor choices about where you spend time, money, and other valuable resources.
  • Your purpose is your primary compass, helping you to always stay focused on your reason for existence as a company. Acting as a compass, your purpose will guide you through the ups and downs of different business cycles, challenges, and keep you headed toward your long-term strategic goals.

The people you love, serve, and lead are counting on you to infuse your plans and goals with purpose. Set aside some time today to review your plans for the year ahead and ensure that your purpose is revealed in your plans.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan