Accountability To Your Plans Begins With You

Accountability to your plans begins with you being accountable to yourself. Assigning this responsibility to someone else is a form of deflection and keeps you from achieving transformational change in the key areas of your life and relationships that matter most to you.

Deflection Rather Than Ownership

Deflection is a tactic often used when someone does not want to experience pain, unpleasant thoughts, or address their current reality. Instead of owning what they have created or allowed to exist they will blame someone else, blame external forces, or change the subject completely in the hope that no one will notice.

We deflect so we do not have to face the reality that we are not doing what we said we would do or want to do.

Four Fundamental Questions

If you are going to be accountable to yourself, you must have a solid understanding of who you are. This, I believe, is found by answering four fundamental life questions:

  • Where did I come from?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where am I going?
  • How will I make a difference in this world?

Your answers to these questions begin to reveal your personal purpose, mission, and core values. These pillars support all of your beliefs in who you are and are at the heart of what you must hold yourself accountable to if you are going to achieve success.

Delegation Is Not Allowed

No one can answer these questions for you - delegation of this task is not allowed. You must answer these questions and take ownership of what you decide.

Before you can be accountable to your business plans, to your organization, or those that you love, lead and serve you must be accountable to yourself.

If you find yourself struggling to be accountable to your resolutions, goals, and plans - schedule some time in the next few weeks to get crystal clear on the answers to four fundamental life questions I posed above.

I've yet to come across anyone that has answered these questions honestly who has not found the motivation they need to hold themselves accountable to the change and goals they want to make a reality.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan