Live and Lead with Purpose Using a Life Plan

I believe all of us are called to live a life of purpose. Unfortunately, our culture and the craziness of life often get in the way of this happening. We get pulled in different directions, we spend our time on projects that we shouldn't, we over commit to church, work, friends, and other organizations. We exhaust ourselves with the tyranny of the urgent.

When we do this we slowly exchange days of living on purpose for days living off purpose. Our relationships suffer, the key areas of our life suffer, and we endanger our legacy.

Why Life Planning

The most successful leaders I know have a plan to help them live and lead with purpose each day. A roadmap, if you will, for where they want to go that includes a deep understanding of why living with purpose is so important, and how they plan to achieve it.

This is important because of a simple but profound principle:

If you want to excel in your leadership of people and clients, then you must make your personal life your top priority. You cannot be your best when you are not taking care of yourself, the key relationships in your life, and the key areas of your life. You must have a road map to help you achieve this, because it is possible!

At Building Champions we refer to this type road map as a Life Plan. It is one of the core four elements of our coaching philosophy and something we ask each client to complete when they coach with us.

At its core, a Life Plan helps you answer three major questions about your life:

  1. How do you want to be remembered?

  2. What matters most to you and why?

  3. How will you get from here to there?

The Life Plan is the best way I have seen to ensure that your days have purpose, your key relationships remain a top priority, and the most important areas of your life don't fall by the wayside when life gets crazy.

As we enter the holiday season, it is a perfect opportunity for you to take a day away from the office and family to create your personal Life Plan. I've summarized the five step process below and provided you with our Life Planning Tool to help you start living and leading with purpose.

5 Steps To Creating Your Personal Life Plan

  1. Identify and prioritize the key relationships and areas of your life.

  2. Clarify your vision for each of these accounts.

  3. Define your purpose for each of these accounts.

  4. Identify potential obstacles.

  5. Commit to consistent actions.

Reviewing Your Personal Life Plan

If you already have a life plan, it may be time to do a life plan review. Remember, your life plan is a living document meant to help you live and lead with greater purpose. As you enter different seasons of your life you will need to adjust the consistent actions you commit to in order for your plan to stay relevant and meaningful.

I was first introduced to Life Planning when I was a client of Building Champions. It was a powerful process and experience that transformed my personal and professional leadership. Now, as a coach for Building Champions I get to pay it forward and provide my clients with this wonderful resource to help them have a deeper and richer life!

The Building Champions Life Plan Tool will help you live and lead with greater purpose. Have the courage to create yours, today!

Coach Dan

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