Deliver The Best Year-End Team Meeting

This past week I had the privilege and opportunity to spend time with one of our largest clients in Atlanta, GA. The client created a unique space for fellowship, reflection on the previous year, planning for the future, and equipping its leaders to execute on strategies which will lead them closer to their 2020 vision. I was inspired by the planning, purposefulness, and intentionality that went into the experience and want to share with you some of the best practices I observed. Whether you lead an organization, a department, a team, or a small family run business consider adopting these best practices to help your business finish the year strong and deliver the best year-end team meeting.

Best Practices

  • Create a theme for everyone to rally around in the year ahead. This theme will most likely reveal itself when you take time to reflect on your current reality, your envisioned future, and what gaps you need to close in the year ahead. Keep it simple, one to three words at most.
  • Celebrate the successes from the previous year. What were the objective and subjective outcomes from the hard work you and your team engaged in this previous year. Celebrate these victories and successes as a team.
  • Recognize the performance of individuals that went above and beyond in their performance. These individuals not only met expectations but brought their heart and soul to serving and leading others around them. Remember to recognize people for contributing in all aspects of the business not just top and bottom line results.
  • Review your long-term vision and goals. Remind your team where you are headed, what you are asking them to belong to, become, and build with you along the way. This vision and these goals should be 5, 10, maybe even 15 years out from today's date.
  • Layout your short-term strategies for success. Walk through the new and existing strategies that you will need to deploy with excellence in order to continue closing the gap between envisioned future and current reality. These strategies should include how you to plan to operate with excellence internally, provide second mile service to your clients and customers, and connect emotionally with the people and communities you serve.
  • Set expectations for team member performance. Layout the general expectations for team member performance and engagement. This could be setting the expectation that each team member will work from a business plan, have personal development plan, and engage in all company events and meetings.
  • Equip your people for success. Depending on the size of your organization you could use a variety of breakout sessions, small group discussions, or address the team as a whole. Focus on equipping them to execute the strategies and meet the expectations you discussed previously.
  • Close with your big "Why". Conclude the meeting by drawing everyone back to your organization's vision and core purpose. Remind them why the company exists, who you ultimately serve, and why their work is so important. Don't forget to tie the organization's purpose to the theme for the year.

No matter what size of organization you lead creating the space for this type of team event can be a game changer for those you lead and serve. If you need help creating this type of event, let me know. Our company specializes in creating small, medium, and large scale company experiences to help our clients live and lead with greater purpose.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan

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