Self-Leadership Precedes Team Leadership

Day 2 of the Building Champions Experience began with a simple message and principle: "Self-leadership precedes team leadership". In other words, I can't lead, sell, operate or be effective in my business if my personal life is not properly aligned to my priorities. I can't lead those I love and serve with the energy and passion that is needed if I'm failing to lead myself. Here are my key takeaways from Day 2 of the Building Champions Experience:

  • I must have a regular discipline of taking time to reflect on what matters most to me and ensure that my actions support my vision for these key areas.
  • When I am honest about my current reality, when I am clear about what I need to do to reach my vision and achieve my goals, and when I am open to change and growth then I am positioned to grow my personal leadership capacity.
  • There will be "dark clouds" that will negatively impact my life. When I invest in my key relationships and the areas of my life that help me be a stronger leader, I'm able to navigate those dark clouds better.
  • A proven and reliable process to help you increase your personal leadership capacity is creating a Life Plan.
  • A Life Plan is designed around the key relationships and key areas of your life (accounts) that you want to be purposeful and intentional in each day.
  • Each account should clearly articulate a vision, purpose, and actions you will take to close the gap between current reality and where you want to be.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan

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