Developing A Long-Term Perspective

The final weeks of summer are upon us, which means we are headed towards a season of transition and change. On a personal front, children are going back to school, parents are introducing routine back into family schedules, and the last of the summer vacations are being frantically scheduled.

On the professional front companies and teams begin to come to the realization there are only about 120 days left in the year to put deals together, reach revenue goals, and finish the year strong.

Why A Long-Term Perspective Is Needed

With all of these last minute to-dos, projects, initiatives, and meetings competing for you time and focus it is important to have the proper perspective on both life and business. If you are not careful, everything you are juggling in this hurried season can lead you to a perspective that the here and now must command all of our focus, time, and resources.

While being in the present is important, you must take time to reflect on the bigger picture and maintain a long-term perspective. No matter how crazy life or business gets, you must not lose sight of your overall strategy and plan for your life and business. A failure to do this can very quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed and anxious with the tyranny of the urgent. Two feelings that will kill productivity and purposeful living and leading.

Developing A Long-Term Perspective

In order to develop a long-term perspective you must schedule intentional time to reflect, plan, and connect. Three best practices that when done regularly and in the right setting will help you to develop a long-term perspective on life and business.

The type of perspective that keeps you engaged in the present but focused on the future. The type of perspective that reminds you of your calling as a leader in the home and at work. The type of perspective that helps you focus on your vision, core values, key relationships, and most importantly, your purpose.

Let’s briefly examine each of these best practices and how they help you develop a long-term perspective.

  • Reflect - This is a simple practice of thinking about where you have been, where you are, and reminding yourself of where you want to be in your life and career. It is simple to do but it is one of the most overlooked best practices of leaders. Taking time to reflect helps put the challenges, anxieties, and opportunities of today into a more long-term perspective. It allows you to weigh each of these in light of your long-term vision, values, and purpose. I've found that the struggles of today seem less overwhelming when I am looking at them in the light of my long-term vision.
  • Plan - From your time of reflection you have greater clarity as it relates to your plans and strategies in life and business. This clarity may require you to review, adjust, or recommit to these plans. Too often our failure to adjust our plans keeps us from moving in the right direction and from a long-term perspective. This in turn creates an environment where anxiety, fear, and paralysis can exist and take us off our purpose. Don't be afraid to adjust or even throw out your plan if it means doing so will keep you moving toward  your desired end result.
  • Connect - Whether it is meeting with other stay at home parents, colleagues in your industry, or the people you serve, you must have fellowship and community to maintain a healthy perspective on your life and business. Connecting with others provides opportunities for encouragement, support, and accountability.

An Opportunity To Change Your Perspective

When I was leading and growing my business there was one event I looked forward to each year to help me maintain a long-term perspective, and the Building Champions Experience was it! This event provided me the opportunity to reflect on my life, plan for my business, and connect with other like-minded professionals from across the country. Every September for the past five years I have used this event as my opportunity to “check” my perspective and ensure that I am living and leading with purpose.

Because we limit the amount of attendees at our Experience, there are only about 20 seats left at this year’s event. Please consider attending and visit the Experience website to learn more about how we are going to help leaders develop and maintain a long-term perspective for their life and career.

Questions to Consider

  1. Is there an area of your life or business where you feel you have lost the right perspective?
  2. What day to day challenges or opportunities take you off course?
  3. What can you purpose to do in the next 120 days to make sure you finish the year strong and enter the new year with the right perspective.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan