Become A Life Long Learner

The most successful people I know are lifelong learners. They always seem to be reading books, studying best practices, networking with successful leaders, and applying what they learn to their life. For many, the idea of finding time to focus on their development is almost a joke. Managing the high priority relationships, deals, and deadlines can take all of your time, leaving you with just enough energy to crawl into your pajamas, turn on the TV, and crash on the couch at the end of the day.

I've learned that having a simple plan to help you be intentional in your pursuit of personal and professional development is essential to your overall success in life. Early on in my career, I was encouraged by my business coach to create a Personal Development Plan. Over the years this type of plan has become something I look forward to doing each quarter, and is one of my favorite coaching tools.

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There are ten questions you should answer as you design your Personal Development Plan:

  1. Why are you creating this development plan?
  2. What are you noticing about the current state of your life, your relationships, your development, and your career?
  3. In what areas of your life and career do you want to see improvement?
  4. What new skills do you want to learn - or what skills do you want to get better at?
  5. What specific outcomes would you like to see this (month, quarter, year) from working on your development?
  6. What books will you read or listen to, what podcasts will you listen to, and what webinars will you watch?
  7. What seminars or training workshops will you attend?
  8. What leaders or subject matter experts will you meet with?
  9. What experiences will you create to help you grow and develop?
  10. How many days will you set aside for reflection and planning in the next (month, quarter, year)

Creating your own personal development plan is essential to your long-term success and growth as a professional. Make sure you don't pack too much into your plan. Focus on quality instead of quantity. As always, if I can be of any help please let me know.

Resource: Personal Development Plan

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan