7 Ways To Improve Your Leadership In The Home

I want to be a better leader in the home. This statement is one of the most common I hear from leaders I coach. It does not matter whether they are male or female, or a mother or father. The desire to be purposeful and intentional in all areas of our life and business is a part of our human nature. Unfortunately, very few people have the courage to admit when they are struggling to lead outside of work. Smaller is the group of people that admit it, seek help, and actually take action to improve their personal leadership. The past few weeks I have been reflecting on what it takes to be a better leader in the home. I've watched my friends interact with their loved ones, I asked leaders I coach for their best practices, and I've sought guidance from mentors. Based on these conversations, I've discovered these seven ways to improve your leadership in the home.

  1. Be present and engaged with your loved ones - This is the only way for you to know and meet the needs of your loved ones. You must make time with them a priority and non-negotiable discipline in your weekly routine.
  2. Understand the importance of rest and renewal - This may go against your driven leadership style, but taking time to disconnect, to not focus on a to-do list or goal, and to simply relax and allow there to be time for doing nothing is healthy and will improve your relationships.
  3. Encourage your loved ones in the areas of their strengths - Your loved ones need to be reminded of their talents and gifts. They need to hear this from you. There are too many negative voices in the world telling them what they did wrong and how they are not attractive enough or smart enough. This weakens their psyche, you have the opportunity to strengthen it.
  4. Guide them in decision making - Your loved ones need your guidance, they need to be reminded of your family values when there are decisions to be made. You must participate, you cannot say, “Figure it out yourself” or “That’s your area of expertise not mine”. Teach them the “why” behind good decisions so they are empowered and equipped for the future.
  5. Comfort and protect your loved ones - There are times when the ones we love go through difficult seasons of life where they hurt physically and emotionally - where they are vulnerable and impressionable. During these times they need you to be compassionate. They need you to defend them against bad influences and protect them from those that would harm them or take advantage of them.
  6. Celebrate with your loved ones - Make your home a safe refuge for your loved ones. A place where everyone can celebrate successes, share meals, fellowship with friends, tell stories, and receive the blessings of you hard work.
  7. Pursue your loved ones - Never give up on the ones you love. Pursue them daily, even when they are distant or struggling. Pursue reconciliation and restoration of relationships when they are broken. This may require you to show them love when you don't feel like it or there is no love shown in return.

I hope you found these seven best practices helpful. Have the courage to be a leader in your home. Have the courage to move from good intentions to purposeful living!

Make it a great day!