Taking Time To Reflect

I can’t believe we are already through the first quarter of 2014. For my business and me personally it has been a very fast paced 90 days filled with both blessings and trials. Today, I want to encourage each of you to spend time reflecting and completing a KEEP, STOP, START exercise. It is a great exercise to help you reflect, adjust, and recommit to disciplines and goals that you may have set earlier in the year or in your Life Plan.

Here are three questions to ask yourself as you reflect back on the last 90 days…

  • What do I need to KEEP doing that has helped me grow and achieve success?
  • What do I need to STOP doing that is preventing me from achieving success and growing?
  • What do I need START doing that will help me grow and achieve greater success?

When you’ve answered those questions, take some time to ask a similar version of these questions to the most important people in your life. I’m going to ask my wife and my children the following:

  • What do I need to KEEP doing that serves you and lets you know I love you?
  • What do I need to STOP doing that frustrates you or hurts you?
  • What do I need to START doing that would fill your love tank and allow me to serve you better?

Taking a few minutes to ask these questions and sharing your answers together will help you grow in your relationship. Have the courage to be authentic and transparent with each other!

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan