My Life Plan and Coaching Story

Last year at the Building Champions Experience I had the privilege of speaking from the main stage about my experience with life planning and my story of becoming a coaching leader. In my message I discussed the life changing experiences that led me to Life Planning and the impact it has had on my personal life and key relationships. In today's post I want to share a video of me delivering this message. I also had the pleasure of introducing author and speaker, Donald Miller. His book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and his Storyline Conference both had a tremendous influence on me becoming a coaching leader and eventually an executive coach at Building Champions.

To setup the video you'll need to know that the day before I spoke I twisted my ankle and was forced to wear a very bulky and uncomfortable walking cast on stage. I begin by sharing that experience. I hope you enjoy hearing my story. Perhaps you have a similar one. If so, I'd love to hear yours. 

[youtube id="ik5kz_j71ew"]

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Make it a great day!

Coach Dan