Becoming a Coaching Leader Step 4 - Share Your Coaching Vision

The fourth step in becoming a coaching leader is to share your coaching vision.  This can be a scary step to take because you are sharing a part of your personal vision with others and you don’t know how they will respond. Will they want to be coached? Will they trust me to coach them? Don’t let these fears deter you from taking this critical step.

Sharing your vision will have a significant impact on the overall success of you creating a coaching culture within your organization. Sharing your coaching vision is so important because it redefines the way you will interact with your team, it creates new cultural norms, and sets new expectations for your own performance as a leader. When you share your vision I recommend you focus on achieving four outcomes:

  1. DEFINE coaching - clearly layout what coaching is, what it is not, and what coaching will look like within your organization.
  2. Give PURPOSE to coaching - articulate why you believe coaching is vital to the success of your organization and why you believe it will help each individual that participates.
  3. INVITE OTHERS into coaching - ask team members to participate in coaching. Do not make it mandatory.
  4. Describe what you plan to BUILD through coaching - layout what you believe you can achieve together and as individuals through coaching.

In order to achieve these four outcomes I believe you need to create a Vision Communication Plan. This plan should have at least three phases you implement over the next twelve months.

Phase 1 - Rally Key Supporters - In this phase you need to bring together the key supporters on your team that will be torch bearers for your coaching vision. Communicate your vision to them, get feedback from them, answer questions, and invite them to be your first coaching “clients”. The goal of this phase is to recruit a small group of people, that are well respected in the organization, to help you communicate your coaching vision to others on the team. 

Phase 2 - Dynamic Rollout - Once you have aligned your key supporters its “show time”. You need to plan a dynamic rollout of your vision to your entire team/organization. The rollout should be memorable, done through creative mediums (video, social media, presentation), and allow enough time for you to focus on the four outcomes listed previously. 

Phase 3 - Consistent Messaging - After you have rolled out your vision its time to start coaching and just as important its time for consistent messaging and follow-up around your vision. Use team meetings, videos, emails, texts, and other creative ways to talk about different parts of your vision, the successes people are having in coaching, and how coaching can help team members. I recommend having at least one unique coaching message each month for your team.

To help you create your Coaching Vision Communication Plan, I created the following worksheet for you to reflect on and complete. When you complete yours, please send it to me and I’ll be happy to review and provide feedback.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan