Becoming a Coaching Leader Step 2 - Create Your Coaching Systems

The second step in becoming a coaching leader is to create your coaching systems. These systems should help you deliver coaching with excellence while supporting your efforts to provide a great coaching experience. Without the right systems in place, you may find yourself distracted, disorganized, and unprepared for your coaching sessions.  Before you adopt a system in your coaching it must meet certain criteria:

  • It must be easy to use.
  • It must be quickly accessible.
  • It must create efficiencies in your coaching.
  • It must help you stay focused during sessions.

Today I want to share with you five systems that I believe meet these criteria and are essential to helping you become a coaching leader. A coaching leader must have a system for:

Conducting Coaching Sessions: This system provides a framework for how standard coaching sessions will be delivered. This system acts as a guide for you to follow and should include general categories to discuss, time frames for each category and the opportunity to create action out of the coaching session.

Recording Action Plans: Driving to action is one of the key skills of a coaching leader. You must have a system for recording actions steps to be taken within a specified period of time, generally before the next coaching session. The ability to review previously completed action plans is also essential to this system.

Taking Session Notes: Taking notes while actively listening during the coaching session is both an art and a skill. Session notes should serve as a reminder of successes, challenges, proposed solutions, and hot topics discussed in the sessions. Your session notes will help you stay connected to your clients needs and progress.

Tracking Goals: Recording and tracking the progress of your client’s goals is essential for discussing return on investment and monitoring the benefit of coaching. These goals should be reviewed in each coaching session and updated as needed.

Sharing Thought Leadership: As a coach you must have a system for storing and sharing thought leadership articles, tools, posts and quotes with your clients. Many clients need this additional thought leadership to help them gain clarity and understanding of opportunities and challenges they are facing. You don’t want to have to do a Google search for articles or tools every time a clients needs additional assistance.

A quick reminder: Having all the right systems does not make you a successful coach. 

At Building Champions we have proprietary software which provides us with a suite of coaching systems. However, when I first became a coaching leader I had to create my own. Today, there are wonderful web-based solutions that I believe provide wonderful options for you. I am currently recommending both Evernote and Microsoft OneNote for creating your coaching platform of systems.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan