My Life Plan Is Complete, Now What?

For those of you that don't know, every one of our clients at Building Champions has the opportunity to write a Life Plan as a part of their coaching experience. The Life Plan is one of our Core Four tools that we believe helps leaders become more purposeful and intentional in the key relationships and areas of their life. Recently, I've had many clients say, "My life plan is complete, now what?" Its a great question because while writing your life plan is a huge accomplishment, the steps you take next will determine whether you truly are able to create significant change and improve the quality of your life. Here are five best practices to implement now that you’ve completed your Life Plan.

1. Review Your Life Plan - For the first 30 days I recommend you review your life plan every day. This helps you stay focused on the accounts and commitments you’ve made, and will help turn them into habits. After 30 days move to a once a week review.

2. Share Your Life Plan -  Find someone you trust and ask them to hold you accountable to the commitments you’ve made to yourself and the key relationships in life plan. You are not alone and cannot be as purposeful and intentional as you want to be without the support of someone you trust. If you have a family, I highly recommend creating a special event where you share your life plan with them and ask them to hold you accountable.

3. Adjust Your Life Plan - I often tell my clients, “your life plan is not set in stone”, rather it is a reflection of what your key priorities and relationships are during this season of your life. Some of these relationships and priorities with be life long and others will change over time. Its okay to make changes to your commitments if you find that you have over-committed or that different commitments are needed to achieve your vision for an account.

4. Set Goals In Your Life Plan - A few years ago I started setting goals each year for my different life plan accounts. For example in my health account I set a goal to run the Hood To Coast relay race in Oregon. This was a goal that helped me stay focused on my disciplines and allowed me to celebrate my commitment to health at the end of the year. This can be done for all of your accounts. I recommend 1 major goal per year for each life plan account.

5. Live Your Life Plan - At some point you have to put your plans into action if your going to see the change you want in your life. Take time every week to review your schedule and put your life plan commitments into your routine. Treat the time set aside for these commitments as non-negotiable. Have the courage to take action every day. The small changes you make will have a significant impact on your life. Take Action!

Remember Life Planning is a journey not an event. If you catch yourself saying, “I did life planning before, it was really helpful”, then you have missed the point. Life planning does not end when you’ve written your plan, it is something you need to make a part of your daily routine for the rest of your life. Have fun!

Coach Dan