Becoming A Coaching Leader Step 1 - Write Your Coaching Vision

The first step in becoming a coaching leader is to cast your coaching vision. A coaching vision is different than your team or organization’s vision in that it is much more personal and is a deeper explanation of your leadership style and philosophy.

When I decided to make coaching the cornerstone of my leadership style I wanted to jump right in and start coaching my team. Thankfully, my coach, Barry Engelman, cautioned me on this approach and encouraged me to cast my vision before executing a strategy that may or may not be successful.

It was some of the best advice I ever received and helped me gain clarity around who I wanted to become as a coach, what I wanted to achieve through coaching, and how I wanted to serve others through coaching.

As I sat down to write out my coaching vision I outlined six sections for me to articulate my thoughts and beliefs about what it meant to be a coaching leader. These sections would become the framework for my coaching vision and I want to recommend this same framework to you. The six sections, in order, are as follows:

1. Coaching Vision Overview - In this section you will articulate why you want to be a coaching leader. What is drawing you to adopt this leadership philosophy? What do you believe about coaching and about yourself as a coach? Describe your passion for coaching others.

2. Coaching Purpose Statement - This is a short one sentence statement that summarizes your coaching vision overview. When I went through this exercise I created my purpose statement and it has remained the same for almost ten years now, “Helping professionals to be purposeful in business and life.”

3. Core Coaching Convictions - In this section you will identify the convictions (values) that will guide you as you become a coaching leader. These convictions must stand the test of time because they will become the filter through which you make future decisions about how to execute on your coaching leadership style. I recommend 4-6 core convictions.

4. Envisioned Future - Here you will write what you hope to achieve through adopting a coaching leadership style. This should be a brief paragraph or two where you describe what the future is like now that you are coaching your team and have created a culture of accountability through coaching. If I were to walk through your office doors what would I see and experience as a result of you becoming a coaching leader?

5. Key Areas of Development - Out of your envisioned future you will identify key areas of your coaching leadership style that need to be developed over time. These are areas you want to become proficient in, and perhaps even reach a mastery level, so that you can have the greatest impact on the lives of those you lead. As you identify each area, write out a short description of what your desired end result is for each area of development.

6. Compelling Ambitions - In this final section you will outline what you are going to achieve by becoming a coaching a leader for your organization. What are the tangible results you and your organization will experience? How will you measure these results? By when will you have achieved each of these results?

If you are serious about becoming a coaching leader, I want to encourage you to spend a full-day out of your office writing your coaching vision. Break away from all the emails, voicemails, and meetings so you can have focused intentional time to articulate your vision. This is the first and most critical step in your journey to becoming a coaching leader.

If you would like feedback on your coaching vision, please feel free to email me a copy of your vision.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan