5 High-Payoff Activities For Sales Leaders

When I was a sales leader for Prudential my greatest challenge was staying focused on high-payoff activities. The tyranny of the urgent frequently grabbed ahold of my day and took me off course. It would sometimes take weeks to get back on track with my schedule and find my way back from the many rabbit trails filled with low-payoff activities I would find myself going down.

As a coach I see this happen frequently with my clients and it gives me the opportunity to share what I believe are the most essential high-payoff activities for all sales leaders. If you build your schedule and focus your efforts around these activities I guarantee you will achieve higher levels of success in all areas of your business.

Recruiting - You must set aside time each week for building high-trust relationships with individuals you want to join your team. Recruiting is not something you wait to do until you have a space to fill. It is something that must be done consistently each week. This helps you build a pipeline of talent and saves you from making rushed decisions to fill a position if someone leaves unexpectedly.

Equipping - Schedule time in your week for equipping your team with industry news, market data, and sales training techniques/best practices. Your team needs to know you care enough to see them grow and develop into sales leaders. Be a resource for them to become equipped to handle objections, market to clients, and operate their businesses more efficiently. This might take the form of sharing a blog post, compiling market data for them to review, or a short training session on new products/services being offered.

Connecting - Connecting with your sales team on a personal basis is extremely important for building your culture and gaining their loyalty. Ask them about their life, dreams, personal goals. Talk to them about their kids, friends, and interests. If you are struggling with retention on your team a lack of connection might be the root cause. You can connect with team members at team meetings, over coffee or lunch, or by inviting them to dinner with your family.

Coaching - Spending dedicated time with each individual on your team to discuss their business goals, successes, and challenges is no longer an option. It is a necessity. Coaching provides an opportunity for you to mentor your team members, hold them accountable to disciplines and goals, and stretch them to new levels of success. 

Vision Casting - This is probably the most overlooked high-payoff activity for leaders. You must consistently and creatively communicate your purpose, mission, values, and vision to your team. This can be done through a variety of avenues and should always include recognizing someone for how they live out the company’s core values, purpose, or mission. Here at Building Champions we review one aspect of our company’s vision every Monday morning in our team meeting. It might be a core value, our purpose statement, or perhaps a key area of development we are focused on. A week does not go by where we are not all in sync with the vision of our organization. 

I want to encourage you to take each of these high-payoff activities and develop 2-3 non-negotiable actions you can take consistently (daily, weekly, monthly) to help you make these a part of you regular routine. 

When you’ve made your list, email me and I’ll be happy to review you plan and provide you with feedback.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan