Six Questions To Ask Before You Fire Someone

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a leader is when you have team members that simply do not do their job. Not only does this drive you nuts but it always leads to low team morale, a failure to reach goals, and will kill your overall culture. Experience has taught me that rarely is this type of behavior solely the fault of the employee who is not doing their job properly. A large part of the responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the leader. 

Below is a list of questions I believe you must ask yourself prior to firing any employee for non-performance.

  • Do I have a behavioral assessment on this person which shows they have the natural talents for the type of work they are being required to perform?
  • Have I shared my vision with this person, explaining how their contribution is key to the success of the team's overall goals?
  • Have I provided a job description with a clearly defined purpose, outcomes, disciplines, and skills?
  • Have I provided adequate training for this person to do the work required of them?
  • Have I provided this person with proper oversight during the course of them performing their job so as to provide feedback on performance in real time and brainstorm ways to overcome performance challenges?
  • Is this person's direct supervisor meeting with them regularly to coach them towards being an engaged member of the team?

If you can answer, "Yes." to all of these questions then you can and should act quickly and sleep peacefully knowing you've removed a "bad apple" from your team. If you answer any of these questions, "No." then it may require you to assess your employee on-boarding process to determine if this person could be performing better if things were done differently.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan