What Strategies Do I Use To Grow My Business?

My experience has taught me there are four strategies a small business owner must deploy in order to consistently grow their business year over year. When these strategies are used properly they will lead to success and repeat customers every time.  I believe the four strategies for growing your business are as follows:

Sales Strategy - this strategy outlines the specific actions you will take on a consistent basis to grow your  relationship with two groups of people; existing customers and new potential customers. The disciplines outlined in this strategy MUST focus on dialogue between you and these target groups. This is a strategy for phone calls, lunches, events, messaging and other opportunities for two way communication. This strategy is all about creating opportunities for you to ask for the sale or a referral.

Marketing Strategy - this strategy outlines the specific actions you will take on a consistent basis to stay in touch with your existing customers, attract new customers, and build your brand. The disciplines outlined in this strategy are about communicating value proposition and brand. This strategy is advertising, newsletters, postcards, email campaigns and other avenues of marketing. This strategy is about telling your story and how you can help your customers live a better version of their own story because they are connected to you and your business.

Raving Fans Strategy - this strategy outlines the specific actions you will take on a consistent basis to create and keep raving fans for your business. A raving fans strategy takes your brand, values, and vision and puts them all into action. The goal is to create an emotional WOW! experience for all of your clients. Think of companies like Disney, the Ritz Carlton, Chick-fil-A, and others that have discovered formulas for delivering this type of experience with amazing consistency. However you define this strategy it should set you a part from your competition. Doing a great job for your clients is no longer enough to earn and keep their business. You must deliver the WOW! and move beyond the idea of satisfied customers and instead focus on creating raving fans.

Operational Excellence Strategy - this strategy outlines the specific actions you will take and systems you will use to ensure your internal operations run with excellence. While execution of this strategy takes place behind the scenes, your customers will experience the benefits of you and your team deploying it with excellence everyday. This strategy is all about quality and cost controls, efficiencies, and systems that allow you and your team to deliver unmatched service to your customers and improve key performance metrics.

If you have not outlined a strategic plan to grow your business in the year ahead then consider developing one with these four strategies in mind. Move from reactionary to proactive intentional planning and watch your business grow!

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan