Should I Have a Team Meeting to Kick Off the New Year?

This is a common question from those I coach and my answer is always an emphatic, YES! I'm not someone who believes you should hold meetings just to have one. In fact, I'm just the opposite; if there is not a reason for meeting you should not waste anyone's time. With that said...a meeting to kick off the new year is one that I believe is very necessary for leaders to commit to and do with excellence. Why? Because when done right these meetings help to bring clarity and unity to your team. If you have not already held your first team meeting of the year, I'd like to recommend you do so and consider using some of the following topics:

  • Recap of Previous Year - this is a great opportunity to review the successes and challenges of the previous year.  Celebrate with your team, but also be transparent about where improvement is needed.
  • Recognize Performance - individuals and teams need to know you appreciate their efforts and most people, regardless of behavioral style, like to be recognized. Recognition helps to foster a culture of loyalty and appreciation for a job well done.
  • Review Your Vision - reminding team members of your purpose, mission, values, and where you are headed in the future is inspiring and creates a sense of "belonging" for team members
  • Discuss Future Challenges and Opportunities - where do you see the greatest opportunities and challenges in your market or industry? An open discussion about these will often yield wonderful insight from team members who are on the "front lines" every day.
  • Outline Goals for the New Year - layout the performance goals which need to be met in order for the company to have a successful year. Share the "why" behind each of the objectives and how you see team members contributing to the company's overall success.
  • Recommit to Core Values and Fundamentals - recommit to the core values and fundamentals of your team, company, and industry. The more I coach individuals and teams in different industries the more I am convinced that success can be tied to doing certain fundamentals with excellence. What are the core fundamentals of success for your company?

I hope these topics help you to kick off the new year with a great team meeting!

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan