Recruiting with Vision

Too often recruiting presentations are packed full of benefits and features potential talent will receive if they join a company. When this message becomes the centerpiece of a recruiting strategy, new talent may choose your company for the wrong reasons, and you risk hiring someone that is not a cultural fit. This of course results in higher turnover and costs associated with bad hiring.

My experience as a recruiter and leader has taught me that your company’s vision must be the centerpiece of your recruiting strategy. Vision highlights your company’s long-term strategy as it relates to culture, key areas of development and major goals. Focusing your recruiting strategy on your vision and finding a talent match for your long-term strategy will decrease employee turnover and connect new team members to your company’s overall purpose.

In order to use your vision in your recruiting strategy, I recommend you turn your vision into a compelling story. You can do this by answering three important questions that all recruits want answered.

  1. What type of organization will I BELONG to? You answer this question by describing your company’s purpose, values and guiding behaviors.
  2. What is the organization striving to BECOME? You answer this question by describing the future of your organization and the key areas of development for team members and the company as a whole.
  3. What must this organization BUILD in order to achieve success? You answer this question by outlining your organization's major goals for the next 5, 10, 15, or 20 years and sharing how you see the recruit contributing.

Combine your answers to these questions and put them into a one or two-page document that summarizes your vision. Whether you lead a small team or a company of thousands, you have a story to tell others. You have your vision!

Focus your efforts on sharing this vision and you will attract the right talent to execute your long-term strategy and achieve overall success.