In Pursuit of Perfection

Over the past few weeks, I have listened to clients and friends tell me how the pursuit of perfection is destroying their life. While on the surface this pursuit may seem like a noble endeavor, for many it leads to frustration, disappointment and broken relationships.

For some, they are unable to sleep at night out of a fear of failure, leaving them mentally exhausted and unable to engage those they love and serve. It is a vicious cycle that many fail to ever break.

I believe there is hope because I have witnessed people end their pursuit of perfection. Listening to the stories of clients and friends, I’ve identified four common actions they all took to reclaim their health and happiness.

  1. Humble yourself before God and acknowledge that He alone is perfect.
  2. Accept the grace that is offered to you and know that even in your shortcomings there is an opportunity to bring joy and service to others.
  3. Understand that true love does not keep a scorecard, but rather it is patient, kind and forgiving.
  4. Pursue excellence in everything you do, which means giving your best effort in every situation, making the most of your gifts and talents and being content with the results.

The pursuit of perfection is a journey down a lonely, long-suffering, never-ending road. If you are struggling with such a journey, I encourage you to practice the actions above for a week and see if they make a difference. I’d love to hear from you.