Getting More from Your Schedule

I’ve blogged before about knowing how to setup your schedule using the Four Kinds of Time. Time blocking your schedule though is just the beginning. Filling that time block with the right activities, disciplines and commitments is the key to long-term success.

Most of us do not struggle to fill our schedule with various activities, and “busy work” can make us feel like we are accomplishing something each day. The question we need to be asking though is, “Am I doing the right things to grow my business and realize my vision?”

In order to answer this question affirmatively you must know the difference between high-payoff and low-payoff activities.

High-Payoff Activities bring the greatest value to your family, your business, your team and your customers. They are activities only you can do and they generally lead to earning money, deepening relationships, serving your community, building your team, serving your customers, planning and personal growth.

Low-Payoff Activities are important, but they do not have to be done by you. They can be delegated to someone else without taking away the value and excellence in service you bring to those you love and serve.

Take some time this week to assess whether you are filling your schedule with high- or low-payoff activities. Here is a quick six step process for you to use to assess whether you are doing the right types of activities to grow your business and realize your vision.

  1. Make a list of all the activities you fill your days, weeks and months with.
  2. Take that list and distribute the activities into On, Off, In and Growth categories.
  3. Take each group of activities and filter them through the high- or low-payoff definitions listed above.
  4. Take the high-payoff activities and put them into your schedule (time block) for the next week. These are your top priorities.
  5. Take the low-payoff activities and decide which ones can be delegated and which ones you will need to continue to do until you hire an assistant.
  6. Commit to making high-payoff activities your priority in the week ahead.

I encourage you to repeat these steps each week for the next 90 days. I’m confident you will find yourself filling your schedule with high-payoff activities that lead to growing your business, improving your personal life and realizing your business vision.