Improve Your Productivity with Four Kinds of Time

The most common need of professionals I coach is better time management.  Many of my clients admit they know what must be done, but struggle with how to fit it all into their schedule. They feel burned out and frustrated with their lack of productivity and the pace of their work environment. When I talk to them, they are often ready to throw in the towel because their business, personal health, and family life are all suffering. Unfortunately, this is an all too common problem that affects not only professionals but pastors, students, and homemakers as well. It is often caused by spending our time putting out fires, responding to urgent email and voicemail, client needs, and “got-a-minute?” type questions. The tyranny of the urgent rules our schedules, leaving us little or no time for the top priorities in our life and business.

At Building Champions, we've learned it is possible to avoid these feelings of frustration and burnout by working from a schedule with four types of time blocked into your daily routine. When our clients begin to schedule and fill these time blocks with the right high-payoff activities, their productivity skyrockets and they are able to experience greater work-life balance.

If you find yourself living at the mercy of the tyranny of the urgent, consider these four types of time to fill your schedule with each week.

GROWTH Time…is spent on disciplines and commitments related to growing your business and generating revenue. During this time you are calling prospective new clients, meeting existing clients, asking for new business, and networking with other strategic referral partners.

IN Time…is spent working on disciplines and commitments related to the marketing and administration of your business. During this time you are answering emails and voicemails, working on projects and files, producing a monthly newsletter, and ensuring your services are being delivered with excellence.

ON Time…is spent on the disciplines and commitments related to improving yourself and the productivity and profitability of your company. During this time you focus on learning new skills, improving your client presentations, attending conferences, reading, and strategic planning.

OFF Time…is spent away from work focused on the disciplines and commitments to your personal priorities and family.  This includes working out, recreation, community service, and vacations.

If you are feeling burned out and frustrated with your schedule, I encourage you to work from a time block using the four types of time listed above. At the end of each day, assess where you got off schedule and what you can adjust the next day to stay true to each block of time.

Commit to this for at least two weeks, and let me know the outcome.

Make it a productive day!

Coach Dan