The Trap of Complacency

Often, a client will tell me that personal development is not on their radar screen. Things are going so well that they just don't have the time to stop and focus on improvement. This always makes me cringe as a coach. I have seen too many instances where people  think they are experiencing the joy of contentment, when really they are falling into the trap of complacency.

This false sense of security often precedes a disastrous chain of events that could have been avoided. Instead of finding peace, you find yourself in a struggle that threatens everything you've worked so hard to build.

Unfortunately, the trap of complacency does not only lie in wait in your business. If not addressed, it can catch you by surprise in your personal life as well. Your marriage, your relationship with your children, and your own personal health are all at risk of being deceived by the lie of complacency.

With that in mind, knowing the difference between contentment and complacency is crucial to living a life of purpose and avoiding the trap.

Contentment – This occurs when you are at peace with your current reality because it is in alignment with your purpose and vision, and you are moving towards that vision. You are working on what you can and need to change, and you understand and adapt to the things you cannot change. You take time to reflect on and assess what lies ahead. You give your best to the things that matter, and you have no regrets with your efforts.

Complacency – The dictionary defines complacency as “a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while being unaware of some potential danger.” This means you feel peace about your current reality and the results you are achieving, but you are not open to making adjustments, changes, or improvements that will help you face the potential danger ahead of you. You believe that change or improvement is not needed because things are good enough the way they are.

Are you content or complacent?

Will you focus on continual improvement so you can more effectively serve those you love and lead? Or, will you maintain the status quo and risk the most  important relationships in your life and key areas of your business?

The choice is one we all have to make every day.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan