3 Vital Elements of Culture

For many, the last few weeks have been filled with goal setting, vision casting, and dreaming about where hard work and success will lead in the year ahead. However, there is one important element of success that tends to be overlooked and forgotten. It has the ability to make dreams, strategies, and goals come to fruition - or to destroy them.

It is the culture you have developed, or will be developing in the year ahead.

Your individual and team culture is defined as...

  • Knowing what you value
  • Articulating what you value
  • Behaving in accordance with what you value

The culture you have right now is a direct result of your response to the definition above. If you've never taken the time to think about what values you stand for and what you expect others to uphold, then your culture will never establish a basic identity.

If you have never taken the time to write down your values and share those with your team, strategic partners, and clients, your culture does not have a voice to speak into your strategy.

Finally, if you are not behaving in a way that reflects, supports, and exemplifies your values, then your culture lacks a soul. It is hypocritical and only a matter of time before people leave you for someone they can trust.

If you are truly committed to your plans and goals for the year ahead, take the time to define what culture will mean for you and your team. Your overall success depends on it.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan