7 Tips To Help You Communicate Vision

At Building Champions we help leaders develop and communicate a vision for where they want to take their business, team, or company in the future. Often we will coach clients who have written a vision and articulated it to their team at a special meeting, but are still struggling to get buy-in and desired results.  

Experience has taught me that creating a vision is a fun, exciting, and motivating process for a leader to engage in over the course of a few days. Whereas, communicating a vision requires a leader to be purposeful, intentional, and consistent every day as long as they hold the title of leader. In short, it is hard work and many leaders fail to communicate vision effectively.

If you are a new or experienced leader who has recently cast a new vision, consider these tips to help you communicate your vision.

Remember: it's not an event, it's a process. As I mentioned above, communicating vision is not done in one meeting or even quarterly meetings. It's done every day through different means of communication.

Share elements of your vision in team and one-on-one meetings. These settings provide a great opportunity to talk more at length about your purpose, core values, and mission as a company. Consider taking one core value and have everyone identify the types of behaviors and actions that demonstrate this core value. Setup one-on-one meetings with your team members to share your vision and how you see them being a key part of that vision.

Set up a recognition and reward system for specific behaviors that exemplify your vision. Most employees are worried that their boss will catch them making a mistake on the job. Instead of focusing on the negative, make it a practice for people to call out specific behaviors others are doing that align with your vision. Allow coworkers to recognize each other in meetings. Reward both of them for their efforts to build teamwork and live your vision.

Share team success stories that exemplify your vision. Take the time to update the team on success stories, progress towards reaching shared goals, and awards your team has won for their hard work and customer service. Never underestimate the importance of regular progress updates and team recognition. These are extremely motivating to employees.

Create opportunities for customers to provide feedback on service. Let your team know that you take customer service seriously and that you will be actively seeking the feedback of your customers and sharing it with the team. Share both the negative and the positive and use this as an opportunity to celebrate success or brainstorm on how to change behaviors to improve results. Reward customers who help identify an issue which directly impacts the achievement of your vision.

Publicly display and discuss the key elements of your vision. Your vision has a higher probability of becoming a reality the more you share it with people inside and outside your organization. Talk about it at Chamber of Commerce meetings, with friends, at church, in meetings with other business leaders. Display posters in your office that list your core values, purpose, and mission. Don't be shy or embarrassed to let people know why you do what you do every day.

Demonstrate the behaviors that support your vision. Look for opportunities to jump in and serve your team. Get in the trenches with them occasionally and demonstrate the behaviors that lead to success. Live out your vision in full view of your team so they know it is more than just words. Help them connect to you and your vision through your actions.

I hope these seven tips have been helpful. If you would like to learn more on how you can develop a vision communication strategy for your team or business please contact me.

Question: How have you communicated your vision in a unique and creative way?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan