How To Prepare For And Respond To Your Leader's New Vision

Whenever a leader announces they will be sharing a new vision for the company or revealing their vision for the first time there is anxiety in the hearts and minds of those working for the leader. This type of experience is not uncommon in today's challenging times. Leaders in many industries are looking to reinvent or take their company in a new direction. The question for many of us is, what do we do before and after we hear our leader's new vision?

Consider this list of action steps to help you prepare and respond to your leaders new vision.

Three action steps to take before you hear your leader's vision:

  1. Review your personal vision statement - take the time to review your purpose, convictions, goals, and vision for the next 5-10-15 years. You will want to be crystal clear on where you see yourself headed so that you can evaluate how you fit into the overall vision your leader shares. Trust your personal vision and the effort you put into creating it. Moments like this are why you created your personal vision.
  2. Reflect on what you bring to the table - identify your strengths, gifts, and talents. What daily activities drive you and make you feel most alive? You will need to know these because a new vision may mean a new direction for you and it may or may not match with what you bring to the table forcing you to evaluate your options.
  3. Prepare your heart and mind to be open to new ideas - take some time in prayer or meditation to calm your spirit and remind your heart that challenging times call for tough decisions and perhaps new strategies. Be willing to listen and understand before you pass judgment or draw conclusions about your leader's new vision.

Three action steps to take after you hear your leader's vision:

  1. Spend at least three days reflecting on the new vision - take great notes while listening to your leader's vision and from the discussion that follows. Use the next three days to pray about, meditate on, and seek counsel about what was shared by your leader. If possible get clarification from others but don't get sucked into gossip about the new vision and the unknowns surrounding it.
  2. Identify areas where you can make a contribution - once you have a clear understanding of what your leader's vision is then take some time to identify where you can help make the greatest contribution. If your list of areas is not very long, don't be discouraged. The process of discovering where you fit in may seem difficult or scary starting out but the end result will help you know how to plan for the next season of your life.
  3. Set a meeting with your boss to discuss the vision - before discussing in-depth your leader's vision with other people, give your boss the courtesy of a one-on-one meeting where you can ask questions, get clarification, and share your thoughts on how you best fit into this new vision. This may be a meeting where you both agree that the new vision is not something your interested in pursuing or it may be a meeting where you share the excitement about how your unique gifts and talents are going to help achieve the longterm goals of the organization. Either way have the courage to schedule the meeting.
Waiting to hear your leader's vision can be stressful and leave you in a spirit of fear. I want to encourage you to be proactive and minimize the likelihood of potentially emotional response to your leader's new vision. Take control of how you will prepare and respond to the new vision by following the action steps above.


Perhaps you have been in this situation before and have other actions steps to share. If so leave a comment and let me know what you've learned from your experience.


Make it a great day!


Coach Dan
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