The Importance of ON TIME

In the past I have shared with you the importance of working from a priority management plan. One of the key elements of a successful priority management plan is dedicating time in your schedule to focus on targeted areas for professional growth and development. This routine is what coaches refer to as ON TIME. Unfortunately, it is an important block of time that often gets pushed aside or never scheduled by professionals. However, the professionals that do make and keep a commitment to ON TIME  regularly are much more likely to succeed in reaching their long-term vision for success. 

Consider these five reasons why I believe ON TIME is so important:

  1. ON TIME changes your THINKING. So often we are stuck only thinking about the day-to-day operations of our business. When we have our head and heart constantly focused in the minutia of the day-to-day we can easily loose sight of where we are going and the vision we are trying to achieve.
  2. ON TIME gets you FOCUSED on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. John Maxwell says, "You can't give away, what you don't possess." If you are not taking the time to learn new skills, study your industry's best practices, and grow as a professional you will not be able to serve your team, clients, and those you love as good as if you did make this a priority.
  3. ON TIME allows you to REVIEW your STRATEGY. Your vision may stay relatively the same over the years, but we all know that external forces may require us to change the strategy we follow to reach that vision. ON TIME allows you to review your goals, team production year to date, and analyze if your current strategy is working in today's market.
  4. ON TIME provides an OPPORTUNITY for PLANNING.  The most common excuse for not planning that I hear from people I coach is that they just don't have time. ON TIME gives you permission to take time for planning the next 30-60-90 days of your business. If your strategy review indicates a new plan is needed, ON TIME allows you to work on that plan, giving you an advantage over your competition that may not be reviewing strategy or planning.
  5. ON TIME allows for a RENEWAL of your COMMITMENTS. When you change your thinking from the day-to-day to the big picture, you have the opportunity to reflect on and recommit to your purpose, convictions, and overall vision. Stepping away from the fast pace of life is so important for spiritual, physical, and mental renewal. ON TIME re-energizes you around your goals and vision.

Give yourself permission to schedule ON TIME into your calendar. It not only benefits you but it helps you become a better leader and servant to those you love and work with each day.

Question: Do you have ON TIME scheduled on your calendar?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan