Building Champions Experience 2011 - Day 1 Takeaways

Best selling author, Patrick Lencioni was the keynote speaker this morning at the first full day of the Building Champions Experience. Today's theme was all about being more intentional and purposeful in your business. Patrick spoke on two of his best selling books, the Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Getting Naked. After Patrick was done we went to our individual breakout sessions. I chose to attend the Making Your Vision a Reality session put on by executive coaches Daniel Harkavy and Gregg Harkavy. I then attended executive coach, Steve Scanlon's presentation on Emotional Intelligence for Business and Life.

Here are my top five takeaways from today's keynote presentation and breakout sessions:

1. Vulnerability based trust is the foundation for building a great team. A team that knows each other's strengths and weaknesses, openly admits mistakes, and celebrates successes together will be able to make the greatest contribution to those they love and serve.

2. The best service providers are vulnerable by embracing uncommon levels of humility, selflessness and transparency for the good of the client. They overcome the fears of feeling inferior, losing the business, and being embarrassed by providing WOW customer experiences and being transparent.

3. In order to make your vision become a reality you must have a clear and compelling vision statement, your business plans must connect to a component of your vision, and you must communicate your vision with excellence using a strategic communication plan.

4. When constructing your vision it is vitally important for you to have key members of your team contribute and participate in the process. This will create buy-in and a sense of ownership that will help other team members embrace the vision.

5. There are three factors that help determine a our overall personal success. The first is a person's IQ. This is a measurement of a your ability to learn (NOT how smart they are). The second, is our past experiences and behavioral patterns. The third, is your EQ, or emotional intelligence. EQ is the ability and/or skill to assess and subsequently control one's emotions during a negative interaction or moment. Low emotional intelligence equates to your emotions controlling your actions and generally lead to negative responses. My takeaway on Emotional Intelligence is that I have A LOT to learn about how it impacts my life and business.

It was another great day of reflection, planning, and connecting at the Building Champions Experience. Patrick Lencioni was funny, down to earth, and full of wisdom. The breakout sessions were relevant and content rich for all attendees.

Thursday we focus on Life Planning and will hear from author, speaker, and blogger Michael Hyatt.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan