4 Attributes of a Great Leadership Team

The best leaders at some point in the their career realize they cannot do it all alone. The late nights at work, the juggling of responsibilities, and the expectations for performance in all key areas of life and business become too much for one person to handle. A failure to realize this can lead to burnout, poor performance, and the ultimate demise of your company. In the past I've written and spoken about the attributes of a great leader, and one of these attributes is that a leader has the support of a great leadership team. Defining the attributes of this leadership team is the first step in developing a cohesive group which a leader can rely on to delegate responsibilities and achieve the overall vision of the company.

Consider these four attributes of a great leadership team:

They have a shared vision - Some leaders keep their vision a secret, some think they have communicated it but no one else knows it, and some share it openly and frequently. A great leadership team knows the vision of the company. They believe in it and they are actively pursuing it's fullfillment every day. If a leadership team does not have buy-in on the company's overall vision it will never be great and will always struggle with performance.

They have a decisive leader - Even a group of leaders needs to have someone that makes the ultimate decision on important issues. A decisive leader listens to input from everyone, considers all the options, and then makes a decision. The decisive leader of the team must not be paralized by fear of the unknown or failure. They must trust their leadership team and make decisions based on what is best for the company and the achievement of it's vision.

They have clarity around roles and expectations - The unknown can be extremely damaging to a leadership team. Each member must know their role in helping the company achieve its vision. Clear expectations must be given for performance and participation in the overall objectives and goals of the team for there to be success. The sooner everyone on your team has a clearly defined role with goals and objectives outlined the sooner your leadership team can start making an impact.

They are connected to each other - Your leadership team does not need to sing songs and hold hands but they must trust each other and communicate openly and candidly with one another. This is the essence of connection. The team should know each other's strengths and weaknesses and be able to openly talk about them and how they will help or hinder the team from achieving certain objectives. Honesty and trust are extremely important for their to be this type of open dialogue, where ideas can be shared without fear of retribution or hurt feelings.

Developing a great leadership team with these attributes will help guide the organization and bring the vision to reality.

Question: What are some of the attributes of your company's leadership team? What attributes does your leadership team need to adopt?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan