Six Signs You're Headed In The Wrong Direction

This past week while reading the words of an ancient Hebrew prophet I was reminded of how easy it is to wake up one day and find yourself heading so far down the wrong track that you don't recognize yourself or the direction you are going in life. The world we live in puts so much pressure on us to perform at a certain level and live up to other's expectations, while at the same time deceiving us that this is all being done for own good. As you head down this wrong path the destruction you leave behind starts to impact more than just your life. Your engagement level at work and home suffer, your relationships at home and work deteriorate, and the dreams you had of making a difference are replaced with dreams of prestige and success at all costs.

How do we know if we are headed in the wrong direction? I believe that in life we can always see signs that reflect what is in our heart. As you reflect on where you are at right now in your career or leadership at home, consider these six signs that you might be headed in the wrong direction and in need of a course correction very soon!

  1. You think too highly of yourself - you believe your title, position, or income level make you better than others.
  2. You are arrogant - you not only think your important but actually constantly communicate it to people.
  3. Money is your master - you believe money is the solution to all emotional, physical, mental, spiritual problems.
  4. You turn your head away from injustice - you don't have time to deal with other's issues or problems.
  5. You are focused only what feels good, not what is right - if it does not bring pleasure or joy its not worth doing.
  6. You worship materialism over relationship - your thoughts, money, and actions all lead to increasing your net worth in things rather than relationships with people.
Making changes to our habits is extremely difficult. The first step though is realizing a change needs to occur not only in our actions but in our way of thinking. If you find yourself exhibiting even just one of these signs, there is hope. Talk to a close friend, pastor, coach, or loved one that will listen, not judge, and give you the encouragement you need to make a change. Speak openly about where you are at, what exactly needs to change, and set action steps that allow you to make some immediate progress towards changing your behavior.
Make it a great day!