[box style="rounded"]Reflective thinking is like the crock-pot of the mind. It encourages your thoughts to simmer until they're done. When you reflect you are able to put an experience into perspective. - John C. Maxwell [/box] Last week I posted on the importance of taking time to do a Mid-Year Reflection. I encouraged each of you to pause and answer five to six questions about your attitude, needs, successes and challenges as they relate to the first six months of the year. This past week I met with my team in one-on-one and in a group setting to discuss their experience in going through this exercise and the responses they provided to the questions I outlined. Below you will find a brief summary of what they shared and what I learned from listening to them.

How is your ATTITUDE heading into the second half of the year?

Almost everyone answered either "cautiously optimistic" or "positive". When we met as a group to discuss the reflective exercise, I learned even with an economic recession, personal income struggles, and frustrations with government regulations my team remains positive and hopeful this season in business is going to pass. For many this hope is based on their belief that a continued focus on building relationships, providing quality customer service, and staying healthy will reap a future harvest.

What was your greatest SUCCESS in the first six months of the year?

Because everyone defines success differently I was most excited to hear and see the responses to this question. For many agents, success was centered around production results. There were others though that defined success as what they learned from very difficult client experiences. When I dug deeper I found the difficult experiences and challenging first half of the year provided many opportunities for people to improve their communication and negotiation skills, and for them to grow personally. Still others believed their greatest success was staying positive in these challenging times.

What was your greatest CHALLENGE in the first six months of the year?

Almost every response I received to this question had to do with fighting the temptation to give up and succumb to the negativity all around. The negative NEWS was listed as one of the top frustrations for my team and its impact on peoples' ability or inability to make decisions. Everyone agreed staying healthy, being surrounded by positive people, belonging to a supportive team, and working hard all helped them through the challenges they faced in the first half of the year.

What is your greatest NEED as you enter the final six months of the year?

The number one response to this question was the need to generate more business through new client relationships. Meeting new people and drawing in new customers is one of the most difficult tasks for any company or professional. In our round table discussion I was reminded of the importance of doing both marketing and selling activities every day. I encouraged everyone I spoke with to increase their selling activities in a way that matched their personality profile and allowed them to use their natural gifts and talents in communicating their vision to potential new customers.

What do you need to KEEP doing, START doing, and STOP doing in the next six months to reach your goals?

Overwhelmingly, my team said they needed to KEEP CONNECTING with people each day. Whether it be through email, social media, phone calls, coffee dates, or networking meeting, they all agreed connecting with people was a key to success. For almost everyone there was a desire to START BEING PROACTIVE in all areas of their life and business. There were comments about starting to workout more, eat right, create opportunities for success, and proactively approaching each day with activities that lead to success. Everyone agreed there was a need to STOP PROCRASTINATING when it came to doing the activities that yield positive results for their business and life. This centered around the idea of priority management and taking the time to focus on the KEEP and START activities they mentioned and not get distracted during the day.

My hope is that you will find this information encouraging, interesting, and perhaps it will cause you to complete a reflection exercise for yourself. If I can be of any help, please contact me.

Question: Have you taken the time to reflect on the first half of the year? If so, what did you learn from the experience?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan