If we play the part of someone we’re not for too long, do we eventually forget who we truly are? Striving to be good at things we are not, performing tasks we are not gifted in, setting goals we will never achieve, and holding ourselves accountable to disciplines that do not match our talents is an exhausting and depressing existence. Why do we do it?

We play the part in business, at home, and in life instead of being transparent and authentically displaying who we truly are. We fear losing a job, a client, or a friend. We fear abandonment from those we love the most. We fear the idea of coming face to face with who we really are and realizing that we cannot live up to even our own expectations.

We fear showing people who we really are. So we play the part, and our calling in life becomes nothing more than soft whisper we occasionally hear when the noise of life quiets down for a brief moment.

In what areas of your life are you playing the part? Is there another option? I believe there is. Living a life of purpose begins with the understanding that each of us was created for something special. We all have gifts and talents to share with the world. When we focus on these and strive to be our authentic self in life and work we can have the greatest influence on those we love and serve. We have to stop playing the part though, or we will never experience the joy that comes through living out our dreams and living a life of purpose.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan