I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been lacking excitement and discipline when it comes to my physical health. I’ve committed to making my health a priority in my life so that I can be the best for my family and have energy and enthusiasm in everything I do. The busyness of life though has caused me to cancel workouts, miss walks in the evening with my wife, and settle for the occasional push-ups and sit-ups at night before bed.

As I reviewed my Life Plan at the end of Q1 this year I was reminded of how important my physical health is to my overall success in life and the legacy I want to leave behind. I read through my Life Plan and noticed that it was one area that I truly lacked a “Mt. Everest” type goal. I had down daily disciplines but I did not have a target I was aiming at or a goal that motivated me to stay disciplined. I decided I needed to identify this goal and do it soon before I completely turned into a couch potato.

Last week my friend, Steve Scanlon, emailed me and asked me if I was interested in being a part of his team that runs the Hood to Coast relay each year. Now, I’ve never truly run a day in my life. I’ve run to the bathroom, the refrigerator during a commercial break, and I’ve run in men’s softball games (60-70 feet at most). So, when he asked me if I was a runner and if I’d be interested, my first thought was, absolutely not – forget it! But then I remembered my Life Plan and the goal that I’d been searching for.

After about 20 minutes of thinking about it, talking to my wife, and eventually talking to Steve on the phone, I agreed to run the Hood to Coast relay. This is now my major goal for my health and physical fitness account in my Life Plan. I started training this week and have laid out a plan to get me running a 5K in the next six weeks and 10K in the next twelve weeks. I’m nervous, scared, and already feeling the pain of the first week of training. Mentally though, I’m excited about my health for the first time in a long time.

As a result I’m more focused at work. I’m energized and I’m using the excitement around this goal to help my attitude in other areas of my life that need improvement.

Today, I wanted to share this story with you in the hopes that it encourages you to do the following:

  1. Review your Life Plan and identify those areas that need a jump start.
  2. Commit to a major goal in those areas of your life.
  3. Layout a short term plan to achieve your major goal.
  4. Take action right away to start implementing that plan.
  5. Share your goal with those you love and serve and ask them to be a part of the journey.
  6. Find someone to hold you accountable to your goal.

Here’s to stepping out of our comfort zone, not settling for mediocrity in any area of our life, and to living our lives with purpose.

Question: In what area of your life do you need to set a major goal? Make it a great day!

Coach Dan