I was reminded today by the CEO of our company that the success of a team is dependent on many things. One of the most important success factors is the leader’s attitude. If a leader is positive, empathetic, and has high energy it will trickle down and positively impact a team’s overall attitude and performance. Conversely, when a leader is negative, critical, and lacks energy; team performance will mirror that attitude and be down.

The last exit on this attitude expressway is not with my team or our office culture. Rather it leads directly to our customers and clients. When our clients have a positive, energetic, and engaged experience it results in repeat business and referrals. This in turn leads to a higher probability for a profitable bottom line and that is something every leader wants. A poor experience will lead to decreased sales, frustrated employees, and an ugly shade of red on the profit and loss statement.

As I study my quarterly reports on sales, income, and performance I am convicted to look beyond the numbers. Instead of focusing solely on expenses and the attitude and performance of others, I will look inwardly at my own attitude. It is time to check my own emotional state, behavior, and mood and recognize how they impact my team’s performance and the overall experience of our clients.

As I plan for the next 90 days, I’m committing to the following action steps to stay positive:

  • Eat healthy and get a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night.
  • Each day say something positive and encouraging to everyone I encounter.
  • Look for the opportunities to step in and serve a teammate.
  • Ask myself and others to remember what we are grateful for as soon as a negative attitude begins to surface.
  • Choose face to face time with people whenever possible.

How is your attitude positively or negatively impacting your customers and those you lead?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan