The space between our current reality and where we want to be never has a shortage of things, feelings, or people waiting to fill it up.  I am often reminded of how important it is to be mindful of what I allow into this space. The choices we make have immediate and long term consequences that either widen this gap or bring us closer to the life we want to live and the goals we are striving to achieve. I am most aware of this space when I feel frustrated with the fruits of my labor, the timing on the implementation of my vision, or when life takes a turn I’m not expecting. I fill the space with feelings of self-pity and anger, unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns, and just overall bad decision making.  All of these choices negatively impact the most important relationships in my life, whether they are with loved ones or clients.

To combat these tendencies, I’ve found that I need support, encouragement, and a decision making filter to help me fill this space in a healthy and proactive way. Listed below is the system of tools and relationships that I have in place to help me be purposeful and intentional in filling the space in a way that bring me closer to achieving my personal and professional goals.

  1. My personal Life Plan and Business Vision – these two documents are tangible tools that I reflect on frequently to remind me of my purpose in life, my business goals, and the relationships that are most important to me.
  2. A small group of friends that hold me accountable – I meet regularly with a small group of male friends where we share struggles, talk about life, encourage one another, and ask each other for guidance and input on major life decisions.
  3. My relationship with my wife – my spouse knows me better than I know myself. After almost fifteen years of marriage, she is able to remind me of who I am, my priorities, and what I am called to be, and she does this in a loving and caring way that helps me make wise decisions for myself, our family, and my business.
  4. My coach and mentors – over the past six years I have chosen to invest both my time and money into personal coaching and mentor relationships with individuals that help me be more purposeful and intentional in my life and business. These relationships are easier to form than most people think.
  5. My faith – my spirituality is a major part of my life and business. There are times though when I don’t feel like opening the Bible or praying a certain prayer. It’s in these moments where I simply take the time to talk to God. I share frustrations, ask questions, and spend time quietly thinking before taking action.

If you’re struggling because of how you’ve chosen to fill the space between where you are at and where you want to be, I encourage you to step back and develop a system like the one above. It does not have to look the same as mine, but it should include a few tangible tools, key relationships in your life, and your faith. If you need help developing your system, I’d love to help with you.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan