How to Lose a Customer in Five Easy Steps

I’m often amazed at how many companies and professionals have not figured out the basics of providing outstanding customer service to their clients. I believe customer service is something that is passed from the top down in any organization. If employees do not experience great customer service from their own company and leader they in turn will struggle to follow guidelines for providing excellent service to your clients and customers. There have been a few experiences lately where I wondered if management had recently held a course on how to lose customers through poor customer service. I envisioned them handing out a note card that simply read, “How to Lose a Customer in Five Easy Steps”. Here is what the card might say:

  1. Never value your customer’s time. Customers are here to use your service so they should be patient and wait while you figure out how to actually provide them with the service they are looking for and you promised in a recent ad.
  2. Don’t worry about the details. It’s not about the little things, like knowing their name, their special needs, or making recommendations based on what they've told you their interests are. It’s all about achieving the main goal = making the sale.
  3. Don’t put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It is hard enough being you, with everything you have going on at work and in your personal life. Who cares if they need something in a rush or find themselves in a jam? Life is tough, and they need to learn to deal with it.
  4. Never admit when you are wrong or sorry. This shows weakness on your part and the customer might think they can leverage the situation for free products or services. Transparency is way over rated.
  5. Always over-promise and under deliver. This is the signature approach to losing a customer. If you master this you can lose customers all day long. Guaranteed.

Question: What are you doing to make sure your clients have a great experience when they use your products or services?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan