How to Deliver Your Message and Build Trust with Clients

Building trust with clients is extremely challenging in a world where people are becoming more and more cynical about corporations and professional service providers. One mistake (or perceived mistake) and trust can be lost in a matter of seconds over Twitter, Facebook, or a chat room. Because of this, having a strategy to deliver your message and build trust with your clients is more important than ever. We have to be careful not to force a confidence or trust onto someone that is not prepared to give us either. In a world of instant gratification, learning how to effectively build trust over time can be difficult. People have to hear your message before they can begin to trust you. They cannot just hear your message once or in one particular way. Clients need to hear it repeatedly and in many different ways. Consider these five tips for delivering your message and building trust with clients:

  1. Deliver your message through a print media campaign. Utilize print ads that highlight your vision, values, and purpose. Write articles for you industry journals, ask to be interviewed, and issue press releases on important news events effecting clients and your industry.
  2. Express your message through social media. This can be done through a personal or corporate blog. Utilize the speed and effectiveness of Twitter for getting your message out to hundreds – thousands – and hundreds of thousands of people instantly. Create a Facebook Fan page where you can provide a place for raving fans to share the great experience they had working with you.
  3. Connect with prospects and past clients for personal conversations. This can happen over the phone or in one-on-one meetings for coffee or lunch. The key is to connect with prospective and past clients for intimate conversations where you can get to know each other and see if your services will meet one of their current or future needs.
  4. Hold events for past and prospective clients. Group events are a great opportunity to deliver your message through speaking, training, workshops, etc. Allow your guests to see your culture, vision, and purpose on display. Provide them with opportunities to build community with each other and discuss how your services have impacted their life.
  5. Hold to your convictions in all your actions. Our actions speak louder than any words we can express in print, online, or even in person. People know that anyone can make promises but only the best can actually keep them and exceed their expectations in the process. People are watching us even when we don’t expect it. What we say and how we conduct our lives must be a reflection of whom and what we claim to believe in.

Building trust requires time and being intentional in your message delivery. People are listening but they may not be hearing your message because you’re only delivering it one way. I encourage you to think outside the box and create a new strategy for delivering your message and building trust with your with clients.

Question: What did I miss? How are you delivering your message in unique ways to build trust with current or prospective clients?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan