Six Key Relationships

Relationships are the backbone of almost every business. As professionals we must be creating, developing, and maintaining relationships constantly to stay in business. There are clients, employees, strategic partners, and family that need our attention, support, and service. Within the large web of relationships that make up our lives, I believe there is the need for all of us to have a group of core individuals that are considered the Key Relationships for us in business and life. These key relationships are not solely made up of trusted advisors, like an accountant or attorney, or best friends from church. Rather, this is a group of people from both your personal and professional circles of influence that you fellowship with, consult with, and learn from regularly to help you grow as a professional and reach new levels of success. You are not necessarily the one serving in these relationships but rather being served.

When my team does business planning I ask them to take time to list out these key relationships and why they are essential to their overall strategy for success. Over the last six years of business planning with my team I’ve seen them identify many different types of individuals and the benefit they provide. I’ve compiled a list of the six most common key relationship types for you to consider:

The Supporter is someone that always is encouraging. They ooze with positive thoughts, words, and actions towards you. Who they are does not matter as much as that they are someone that builds you up and makes you want to be a true champion. They lift you up when you fail and they help you push through challenges.

The Teacher instructs you on the fundamentals and theory of success in your business. It seems like they know everything about the analytics, core systems, and strategies that businesses need to have in place to function effectively.

The Mentor maybe someone you know personally or someone you’ve never met before. Either way, they have been in the trenches just like you are now and they have achieved a high level of success. You may have the opportunity to meet with them for coffee or perhaps you read their books or blog. They are committed to sharing their experience and knowledge so that others can make wise decisions and learn from their successes and mistakes.

The Coach is your accountability partner. They’ve consulted and helped you create your vision, strategy, and goals in both business and life. Your coach helps you balance your priorities, see the blind spots in your business, and ask the tough question to help you consider all the different angles for success.

The Friend is your trusted confidant that you can completely be yourself with and not have to worry about being judged, evaluated, or critiqued. The friend brings you both joy and peace because of their commitment and love to who you are at your core.

The Advisor is another professional that you trust to help you run your business effectively. They may be an attorney, accountant, marketing guru, or some other skilled professional. The key characteristic is that they have earned your trust because they get the job done.

As you consider these six key relationship types I encourage you to identify people in your circle of influence that can help you achieve success in all areas of your life and business. These roles can be filled by a spouse, friend, past client, pastor, or other professional. If you don’t have people identified in these roles now, make it a goal in the next 90 days to do so.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan