The War Between Head and Heart

As we go through life we are confronted with challenging and painful seasons that affect many areas of our personal and professional life. This past year has been a painful season for many professionals. In my first coaching sessions of the year, I am hearing people say they are afraid of the future and do not feel confident that their actions will lead to success. While they acknowledge that the new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start; they are reluctant to put themselves “out there” again. They feel paralyzed and unable to begin implementing their business plan. There is war being waged between the head and heart of professionals. Their heart is telling them they cannot do what they must do to succeed - they fear risking the pain and frustration that resulted from the previous year’s efforts. Their head is telling them they need to get back up on that horse, work their plan, and keep pushing toward their vision. They know what they need to do, but they don’t feel like doing it and so they become discouraged.

In my experience, this battle between head and heart will be won when people have the courage to follow what they know to be right and understand that these actions will lead to a renewed faith and feelings of confidence.  It takes courage to get past your fears and make the decision to re-engage. Paralysis sets in when you wait to feel courageous and confident before you act. Strangely, very seldom do you feel courageous before you act courageously. It typically is a bi-product of both your actions and your faith. As you begin to engage, your confidence starts to build, your thinking becomes more positive, and your habits improve. This results in minor successes that grow into major successes. For example, your to-do list gets completed, you connect with a past client or friend, and finally … you get a referral for a new client you are excited to serve.

The clarity of your purpose and convictions is the foundation for the faith that you will need. The specificity of your plan and its strategies is the foundation for the actions you must take. As we become obedient to our plan and vision, our head and heart cease to be at war and return to being allies in a more productive struggle – the attainment of success.

If you are struggling with the war between your head and heart, I encourage you to jump into the new year with both feet. Act boldly, wisely, and courageously with the faith that who you are and what you are striving for is worthwhile and will make a difference in the lives of the people you know and serve.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan