The Desire To Be Known

A billboard for my alma mater, George Fox University, catches my eye each day as I drive to work. It’s a short and simple message that speaks to the core of what we desire most out of life. It reads: “Don’t Be a Number, Be Known”. To be known is everyone’s deepest desire. Why? Because, when we are known we feel a sense of completion and wholeness that brings inner peace. To be known requires not only a level of transparency on our part but an act of engagement on the part of those we wish to be known by. When we are recognized for whom we are – no masks, no titles, no judgment - we experience a freedom to grow and develop in all areas of our life. Being known gives us the freedom to be all we are destined to be.

When we are treated like a number we shut down emotionally and disengage. We hear the words spoken but it takes much more effort for them to sink in and resonate with us. It creates a wall of resentment and frustration that any message has to plow through in order to reach our head and heart and make us engage.

When engaging the public it is very important that professionals and organizations trying to grow their business understand this concept. In my industry it is not uncommon for a sales coach to tell you to make 10-20 calls a day every day to past clients and your sphere of influence with the goal of generating a lead or referral for new business. How do you think the people on the other end of those calls feel? Do they feel known by you or do they feel like a number – just one of many calls to be made that day?

I venture to think that we could be much more effective in growing a business if we took the time to make calls to people just for the sake of getting to know them for who they are. When the interaction starts and ends with a request for business, we miss the opportunity to develop loyal clients.

As professionals we know this is true and that is why it is so hard for us to pick up the phone and make that call. If we can’t remember the last non-business related call we had with the person we are calling, it shakes our confidence. We fear making the call because we know that we don’t want to receive the same type of call from someone that views us only as a number.

I encourage you to take the time today to put down your standard script and pick up the phone to call a past client, friend, or loved one and truly engage them. Ask the questions that will help you to know them and you will be ministering to one of the deepest desires of their heart.

Question: When was the last time you experienced the feeling of being truly known by someone? How did it make you feel?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan