Set Your Mind

And so we begin another year. Goals have been set, plans have been drawn up, and we are resolved to make this next year better than the one before. How will this be done? Is the power in the plan, the specificity of the goal, or the strength of the resolution? Answer: None of the above. The power to make your year a success will rest in your ability to set your mind on your vision for success and the activities to get you there. Setting your mind is not an easy task. It is more than just thinking positively and being self-disciplined. Setting your mind requires you to rally your entire being around what you are trying to achieve personally and professionally in the year ahead. It is not a "New Age" type of concept either. In fact, it was the apostle Paul, who first challenged his friends in Rome, to set their minds on things like love, joy, peace, long-suffering, and self-control as they lived their lives surrounded by a culture that promoted hatred, adultery, selfish ambitions, drunkenness, and murder.

Today, we find ourselves surrounded by just as many negative influences that can distract us from doing what is right and achieving our vision. We are left with a choice to be distracted by negative influences and have our thoughts and actions bring us down and defeat us. Or, to set our minds on the things that will allow us to make a positive difference and achieve success in the days ahead. To properly set your mind requires four things:

It requires the alignment of your head and heart. Your thoughts, attitude and assumptions must remain positive, on high alert for negative influences, and must adapt to the reality of the world around you. In your heart you must remain faithful to your values, desires, and your purpose. There will be times when things go badly and uncertainty threatens to drag you down. You cannot lose heart though and you must not lose your head to all the negativity and distractions around you. When your head and heart are aligned your passion and will to succeed will empower you to do great things for those you serve.

It requires the support of other people that have chosen to have the same mindset. This support can come from a spouse or significant other, business coach, friends, and from peers inside and outside your industry. You may all not be striving to achieve the same goals but your desire to set your mind on a vision for and activities that lead to success, is essential. These relationships should be chosen wisely, and they should encourage, challenge, and sharpen you regularly.

It requires you to act. You must be more than your plan, goals, and good intentions. To set your mind means you must put your plan into action by engaging those you serve. You must meet them in their reality and provide them with hope. They need to see that you are someone that means to get the job done and not just talk about it. You must walk your talk.

It requires faith that what you are striving to achieve is worthy of your efforts and time. You must believe that what you are doing is making a difference in the lives of those you love and serve. As you set your mind to success and see the fruit of your labor, your faith will grow. You must not grow weary if success does not come right away. The wise saying, "you reap what you sow" has never been proven wrong.

As we start another year, I encourage you to do more than just write a business plan, set goals, and make resolutions. Take all of these and then set your mind to achieving success in all areas of your life and business.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan