Keep Pressing On

This week we enter into one of the most important weeks of the year. The last days of January are crucial for those of us that have set resolutions and disciplines that either required a change in behavior or created a new discipline in our business or personal life. Our resolutions may not be paying off yet, which can lead to the temptation to give up. When this happens the probability of us slipping back  into old behaviors and habits is very high. Over the past few years as a coach, I learned three important exercises to help you get through these challenging times when your resolve is being tested. Consider the following for helping you maintain your conviction and drive to keep your resolutions:

Reflect on why you decided to create the resolution. There was some area of your life that you said, “a change has to occur”. Perhaps it was your health, finances, a relationship, a business discipline, or your attitude. Think back to the reason why this change is so important to help you be better at being you and impacting other’s lives. Reflect on the courage it took for you to first write out the resolution and the confidence you had on day one of implementing it. You made the choice to change for a reason, what was it?

Reconnect with your plan for implementing your resolution. Sometimes when we first commit to resolutions we do so with so much confidence that we forget about the reality of our current situation. We are so excited to experience the change we may be overly optimistic in what it will take to achieve our goal. Reconnect with your plan, review your action steps and benchmarks, and make it a priority to read your plan each week until you’ve achieved your goal. Does your plan for implementing your resolution still make sense? Has anything changed that would cause you to alter the plan or your behavior so that you can still achieve it?

Recommit to achieving your goal. If you did not share your resolution with someone you trust then do it now. If you did, then schedule a meeting with that person and tell them you want to recommit to the resolution and you need their encouragement. Do not fall into the trap of believing that you can do everything on your own. Make sure you are eating right, sleeping enough, and exercising regularly so that you can stay focused and committed to your resolution. If you are someone that prays, then do so and ask for the strength to keep pressing on towards the goal.  Who do you know that you can share your resolution with or get encouragement from?

It is so amazing that we have the ability to reflect on our life, identify areas that need to be changed, and then take action to make our life better. What a gift! Don’t give into temptation and give up on your resolution. You have so much to offer those you love and serve. Focus on the impact you can have tomorrow because of the hard work you are putting into today.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan