Why Relationships Matter

This past week I was reminded of how important it is to be investing in and creating new relationships with people.  As we all know, some relationships can be rewarding and others not-so-rewarding. The best of relationships are subject to challenging times where there is frustration, emotional drama, and perhaps even a desire to end the relationship. However, the benefits of maintaining and building strong relationships in your personal and professional community far exceed the challenges and negative experiences that are inevitable as we go through life with each other. Consider these benefits to being in relationship with others.

Relationships provide a sense of PEACE when we are struggling in life and business. It is comforting to know that you have friends and family to talk with, share your fears and struggles with, and to be in their presence when you need them the most. Who is that person or group of people that you feel the most at peace with when you are around them?

Relationships provide ACCOUNTABILITY to our values and vision that we have for our life and careers. There are times when I think about cutting corners or not living up to my values. I think about the impact my actions would have on my relationship with my spouse, my kids, or my clients if I followed through with those inclinations. The thought of the broken relationship, disloyalty to my values, and overall impact makes me pause and reminds me of the person I am and who I want to be. What person makes you want to be accountable to your values and vision?

Relationships provide HOPE that we can accomplish more working together than we ever can on our own. The impact two or more committed people can have working together to help someone or accomplish a dream, far exceeds the impact one person can have on their own. Is there someone in your community that you can make a difference with and impact the lives of others?

Relationships are an opportunity for PERSONAL GROWTH in all areas of our life. As we go through life in relationship with people we develop patience and understanding. We learn to about the power of grace and forgiveness. We grow as leaders and supporters. Who have you learned from and who makes you want to be better person?

Relationships are an opportunity to SERVE OTHERS in their time of need. Whether it be your clients, peers, friends, or family everyone needs to be served sometime. When we are in relationship with others we can identify those moments and act upon them or we can let them pass. When we do serve others it deepens the relationship and brings peace and joy to both sides. Is there someone you know or someone you can meet that needs a helping hand?

Relationships are the primary vehicle for us to display our LOVE for one another. We were created to be in relationship with people whether they deserve our love or not. The smallest act of kindness, the extending of grace, the encouraging word, the listening ear, the long hug and shoulder to cry on are all required if we are to truly be in relationship with others. We can love others because we ourselves are loved. Do your actions, words, and thoughts reflect the love you’ve been shown and that you need to show to others?

How do we learn to live our life, centered around the truth that investing in and creating relationships with others improves the overall quality of life for everyone and helps us become more purposeful and intentional as individuals?

As you ponder this post and these questions, I encourage you to think about the people that have not experienced the benefit of being in a healthy relationship at some point in their life. Seek these people out - try to identify them. Engage them. Serve them. Be in relationship with them.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan